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More Attractive 2018 White Bathroom Ideas

Elayne T. Dunlap | November 7, 2018

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The white bathroom ideas has the quality of transforming any space into an elegant environment. And also optically enlarges the perception of space, although it is rather small. White can also be use to contrast with strong colors. In this solution is the furniture, anchor to the wall without resting on the floor, which being a bright green color stands out for its contrast in the set. And its unique geometry and design. In it there is enough space to store perfumes, creams and hygiene items. Place small details in green and yellow, as in this case, which give color to this space. Like the hanging lamp, a soap dish, candles, or towels. They are details of decoration that are valid for this purpose. In the image you can see a white bathroom totally, and with those brush strokes of color they make it more attractive.

The coronation of the bath would have been monotonous if it had been left blank like the rest. Instead, our experts decided to place a slate veneer in dark gray. A solution like this, you can only adopt it if it dominates the white color, and the contrast manages to enhance the space. We see a white bathroom ideas is use in Baroque furniture. Both for the furniture where the sink is embedd. Its resembles a comfortable princely, and in the mirror with a large floral frame. Only the walls have a light beige color, except in the base of the bidet and toilet, the rest is white. A good contrast between the white color. And the black points at the corners of the squares, achieves great elegance in this space!

This white bathroom ideas with this tile tiling in the base of the furniture. It is design with soft lines, and in the crown of the bathtub, up to the level of the shower. So as not to overload the space. The tiles of the hydraulic type are very fashionable on the floor. And also on the walls, to achieve a vintage look in spaces. Such as the kitchen and bathroom, where they have an ideal location. The toilet, the bidet and the free-standing bathtub are white. And on the bathtub there is a niche with hydraulic tiles. The travertine marble of the floor surrounds with warmth a functional and contemporary white bathroom.  If you do not want to bet on the snowy white you can choose a white bull with nuances cream, beige or sand, which will give a warmer air.

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