Keurig Vs Drip Coffee Makers – Comparison

Usually most of us are addicted to coffee and this is the very first thing we crave for or look for in the kitchen. While we move ahead for the preparation of coffee, the very first thing which comes to our mind is how to prepare it. Should we opt for Keurig cups or use drip coffee maker? Well both of them are different to each other, and choice of any one of them can have an impact on the taste and flavor of your coffee.

Temperature of Your Coffee

If you are working on Keurig machines for preparing coffee, it is important to note that it has a small boiler which does not provides much good brewing option. For a good coffee, it should be brewed at least between 198 to 204 degrees. However, with Keurig, hardly water is boiled at 193 degrees. The temperature at which water is heated has a great impact. If water is not hot enough, it might take long time for extraction. All of this can be avoided with the use of drip coffee makers. For an example, if you consider Keurig k145 office brewing system – it has incredible brewing power.

Cost per Cup

It is quite surprising to know that K cup coffees are quite expensive and might cost you a lot if you opt to have it on daily basis. The 16 count package of K cups served at Starbucks is available at USD 12.99, which nearly comes out to USD 0.81 per cup. However, if we opt for best drip coffee makers then every cup of coffee can be enjoyed at low cost of USD 0.37.


If you opt for Keurig cups, user really doesn’t have any option of brewing. The cups are pre-packages and do not allow user to alter it in any way. Moreover, the number of grounds in the machine not be altered as well, resultantly serving you with a weak cup of coffee. On the contrary, if you choose drip brewer, it provides user the option to alter coffee, water and grind it to make a coffee of your taste and type.


The K cups used in Keurig machines are made of non-recyclable plastic containers which cannot be processed or reused. Instead, they are just filling our landfills. It is really shameful to learn the fact that such equipment or products are still used in the market. On the other hand if we talk about drip machines they make use of recyclable components that can be reused and does not harms the environment in any way.

Method of Brewing

In case of Keurig coffee, the brewing time is less than 30 seconds, which hardly gives any time to the machine to complete process of brewing. However, for an effective brewing the process should take place for at least 3-4 minutes and this happens only when you opt for best drip coffee makers available in the market.

Quality of Coffee

Consuming K cups of coffee is not the best thing to do, and it obviously does not serve you with a good coffee. The coffee available in such cups comprises of 5-14 days of post roasted and grounded coffee kept in store for long period of time. However, this is not the case with drip machines which brews and grounds the coffee then and there on the demand of customer. Source

The Last Words

From the facts mentioned above, it is well evident that drip coffee makers are an apt choice to make for all the coffee lovers who crave to have a taste of good coffee early in the morning. So, the best they can do is, opt for best drip coffee makers in the market and prepare for themselves one of the best coffees much according to the expectations and taste.

Where Can Green Coffee be Found?

What is green coffee? Green coffee can be found in a number of different places. The beans can be easy to get in more spots provided that some rules are considered when finding them.

Why is it Easy to Find It and Where Can I Buy Green Coffee?

The reason why it’s so easy to find green coffee in so many forms is because green coffee comes from beans that aren’t roasted. In fact, any kind of coffee bean that has yet to be roasted could be considered a green coffee bean.

Many coffee shops also buy their coffee beans in their green forms so they can roast them as they see fit. This makes it very easy to find green coffee in more spots.

Of course, this also makes it so companies that can make their own products with green coffee beans can get them for their own and start making their own products with them. This makes it all the more easier for people to find green coffee-related items.

Where Can You Go?

The places to go for finding green coffee should not be too complicated for anyone to handle. There are several things that can be done:

•    First, straightforward green coffee beans can be purchased in many spots. Some stores might sell them and some coffee shops may be willing to sell them to customers as well. However, it might be a little easier to find them online. The selection of green coffee beans that people could find online might be better than what they’d get elsewhere.

•    Some liquid extracts can also be found in stores or online. These are made from green coffee beans that have been professionally brewed. Some of them may have their own flavors added to them but in other cases it’s up to the user to add those flavors on one’s own.

•    Some places even prepare green coffee beans into unique supplements that are made in capsule or tablet forms. These are often easier to consume because the freeze-dried beans used in these capsules will contain the same health benefits as green coffee in its liquid or extract form. Many vitamin stores can sell green coffee in this form.

A Few Important Points

The places to go for finding green coffee are great to see but there are still a few things that have to be done when finding good places that sell green coffee. Here are a few tips worth using:

•    First, any green coffee beans that are bought must be of the same color and shape in a batch. This is to suggest that the beans were inspected to make sure that they can all be used the right way.

•    In some cases the coffee beans can come from different parts of the world. It’s best to check and see where the beans for a green coffee product came from because some places have better beans than others. This is especially the case with South American beans.

•    Third, the beans must have been properly cleaned before use. This is so they will actually be healthy.

Where to buy green coffee bean extract? Green coffee is easy to find in many places. It’s easy to find green coffee in many forms in many spots provided that the coffee being used is safe.

The Best Drip Coffee Maker, How Great is it?

Drip coffee makers came into being after electric percolators. The convenience of the quick brew, the small counter space and easy cleanup seems to have taken precedence over the quality of the coffee. At least that is what you can ascertain after reading the many reviews on these drip pots. One of the main differences is price. The best drip coffee maker makes the better the coffee.

Mr. Coffee drip makers were right up there at the forefront of the drip revolution. Prices vary from very low to modest. The coffee from the higher end models appear to get the best reviews from people to just like coffee. The complaints range from short cords, low temperature of the finished product and general messy counters. The most frequent issue with Mr. Coffee is the carafe. Apparently these carafes’ have a mind of their own and will pour in your cup and cover the surrounding areas as well. If it is just an average cup of coffee you are looking for, this may be the best drip coffee maker.

Going up the price ladder to Black and Decker we find some of the same issues. The drip coffee makers that carry the Black and Decker name are no longer made by Black and Decker. The major issue with these moderately priced pots is cold coffee. Increased dissatisfaction if you don’t brew a full pot but a lesser amount. The best drip coffee maker they make has less complaints. This seems to prevent the water from getting as hot as it needs to in order to bring out the full flavor of the coffee bean.

The Braun drip coffee maker starts in the $60 range. This has the issue of short life, one year or less and cold coffee. If you are very particular about the quality of the cup of brew and want to use great coffee beans that are ground before you brew, you may consider moving on to other brands. Those who like the pots appreciate the speed and convenience. This may be the best drip coffee maker for your dollar spent.

Krups comes out pretty close to the top as far as temperature and taste are concerned. The quality of the product appears to be very good. The prices vary and there were few complaints about the taste of the coffee. The carafe was an issue, in that it does not pour directly into the cup and may require a little practice on your aim to prevent spills on your counter top.

Features on drip coffee makers vary from the very basic to the elaborately programmable variety. There are pots that can have your coffee ready for you when you wake up in the morning and keep it hot in a thermal carafe for several hours. Some are designed to brew one cup at a time, if you aren’t a whole pot drinker.

The needs you have should be considered before making your purchase. Coffee connoisseurs who grind their exotic beans immediately before brewing will probably choose the best drip coffee maker and also prefer different filters. For the consumer that buys whichever coffee is on sale this week at the grocery store, the selection is endless.

Black and Decker Coffee Maker – Will This Be For You?

Black and Decker has been a recognizable trademark for many years. It has appeared on tools and household small appliances forever. Black and Decker coffee maker is prominent on many shelves in home stores, discount department stores and regular department stores as well.

The reviews of the Black and Decker coffee maker have not been varied. For the price, it is good for an average coffee drinker. Not to downplay personal taste, that will vary as much as the coffee you may use to make your first cup of Joe in the morning.

The Black and Decker coffee maker does not seem to produce hot enough water to bring out the full flavor of the coffee. It is especially noticeable if you take a cup before the pot is fully brewed. This appears to be the primary consumer complaint with this coffee maker.

The convenience of the drip coffee maker makes it the most popular coffee maker sold. The person drinking the coffee may have to explore the different makers to find the one that suits their taste. It is safe to say that the average coffee drinker who is not in a hurry, will be satisfied with the coffee produced by the Black and Decker coffee maker. For someone who insists on a Melitta type filter or who may be changing from a French Press coffee maker, this may not be the one for you. As always, it is a matter of taste.

Although these products carry the Black and Decker name, they are no longer made by Black and Decker. This can increase the issues of warranties and other issues that you may want to call the company about and address. Paperwork that comes with the coffee makers need to be carefully read in order for you to address any of these issues. Calling Black and Decker will lead to more phone calls and other potential issues.

Short cords were another issue stated in some reviews. This is actually a safety feature for coffee makers. The hazard of pulling the cord and spilling hot coffee is reduced if the coffee maker is closer to the outlet. This should not be considered a drawback, but a plus. This is especially true if you have curious children around who like to watch things work.

If you desire a piping hot cup of coffee within two minutes of the start, you may need to look a little farther up the coffee maker chain. Prices vary for the brand, but the issues appear to remain regardless of the price paid.

As with any important purchase, purchase should be from a store you respect as far as return policies. Sometimes the store is easier to deal with than the manufacturer. Again the paperwork that comes with the Black and Decker coffee maker you choose may inform you that you should contact the manufacturer rather than the store. As with most things, read the paperwork, send in your warranty and follow directions to obtain the coffee you enjoy drinking. Choose carefully and pour carefully.

Green Coffee Bean – How Green Coffee Bean Development Influences the Taste Account of the Roasted Coffee

While working as an expert coffee taster and quality control with several of the leading coffee companies in Kenya, cupping thousands of coffees every single day for many, many years, I came across that particular physical features in the development of the green cup coffee beans regularly created very specific and identifiable characteristics in the account of the resulting toast.

In this specific article we’re likely to share our experiences regarding how these various defects in the development of green coffee weight loss beans can help you comprehend the reason for resulting glass and, consequently, help you together with your green vegetable acquisitions.

There are lots of factors within the different levels of plant husbandry and harvesting that cause these defects in green vegetable development which we’ll determine in this specific article. More essential, we’ll talk to how these development defects can directly influence glass acid, body and flavor.

To start, the main development defects present in green coffee beans just before roasting include:

  • Shriveled
  • Thin surrounded
  • Ship formed
  • Torn
  • Useless or Shell
  • Numerous heart reduce

Because numerous these development flaws often occur together in exactly the same beans, we’re likely to group these flaws which have an identical cause and effect.

Shriveled, Ship Formed and Thin Surrounded

Green beans that are shriveled are deformed beans, usually little, irregular or premature in development, usually with numerous center cut. Thin surrounded and boat shaped are often recognized as the name of the defect suggests.

Beans with one of these structures lack in nourishment, including Chlorogenic acid and magnesium throughout the development process. Causes likewise incorporate famine or insufficient adequate irrigation. Consequently, these beans will usually be white to brownish-yellow in color.

The beans can often start throughout roasting and more often than not create a toast. Additionally, these defects in development frequently cause the beans to break throughout the blending and roasting process. Consequently, the roasted beans will often give a smoky taste to you simply because they need over roasted, paying for the beans. More regularly than maybe not, they’ll also provide grassy tastes and extreme hay.

Throughout cupping, additionally you will experience an appartment glass, a severe total human anatomy and without acid. The presence of shriveled beans can lead to a higher percentage of water loss (20% plus) throughout roasting.


These beans aren’t easy, but rather have a rough and corrugated appearance. This really is brought on by overbearing, drought-affected cherries and premature in maturing, frequently resulting in a yellow cherry. You’ll observe that these beans will even have a desperate slice skin which can be not completely removed throughout the milling process.

Roasted torn beans can lead to a light color with lots of chaff, partly due to the desperate gold skin. The result will be considered a toast that is more permeable and, together with the chaff, will result in very fine pieces in the brewed coffee, providing a viscous and heavy human anatomy in the glass with many impurities.

Useless or Shell

That development downside may also be brought on by deficiencies in nutrients in the earth, but with a large water supply, evoking the tree to create significant beans that mutate. This problem may also be triggered when two beans are developing together and then one dies while the other continues to develop, which are generally known as shells due to the resulting development.

The toast of hollow or shell beans is extremely much like that observed with boat formed beans and shriveled, thin surrounded as described above.

Numerous Heart Pieces

These beans are recognized with several center lines. This development is generally found in torn beans and beans, but may also be found entirely strong beans. The reasons vary from either overfeeding or since the coffee trees have now been drought affected. Still, way too many multiple heart pieces, other things being appropriate, may cause an irregular mill after the toast, negatively affecting the human anatomy in the glass.


Formation flaws won’t be contained by high quality beans, while many coffee beans that contain these kinds of flaws will remain light and under roasted at an ordinary toast. As a result, beans with your defects need over cooking that’ll result in a higher percentage loss as a whole weight of 20% or even more. This green coffee weight loss must certanly be taken into consideration when obtaining the best share green coffee and tested against top quality solutions.

Through the years, we’ve found that green vegetable quality and its resulting glass isn’t a result or foundation, but mainly a result of superior place husbandry, farming, grading and sorting, allowing each state to create top quality coffees with excellent faculties for that area.

This short article is the 2nd in a series describing general recommendations on how best to determine quality features of green coffee bean prior to the investigation.

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