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Two Original Book Decor

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 24, 2019

Chanel Book Decor

Book decor – Books are many and are never read. If you still want, with utmost honesty, to get some benefit from their presence, the best way is to use them as aesthetic objects. In years when ignorance has become almost a symbol or rather a status symbol, because we are struggling to collect bookstand to arrange them in a more or less harmonious way in our bookcases? Are we trying to show that we are more educated than we really are? Or do we want to develop a pious desire for reading? Which, with increasingly tight times and gnawed by families. Also work, social and games will remain a disregarded dream?

How to do book decor ideas? First idea is, put the tie to your books. The books can also be used to decorate any corner of the house. Especially if we use hardcover books with a beautiful binding. Or even better old books for which you notice time have passed. The variety of solutions is very wide, depending on where you are going to put them or what style you like the most. You can use satin bows to join them or else rope if you like a more rustic style. Join several books with the same colors or sizes. Or several old books that are bound in a special way and use them to decorate a small table or corner of your home. Second, centerpieces with flowers. If you want to decorative books, think that some old books can be the perfect base for a spectacular or simpler centerpiece.

Everything will depend on the occasion and your taste. Of course you cannot miss the flowers in a centerpiece and less in this time so spring. The combination of books + flowers is perfect and can give you a lot of play. From placing the bouquet directly on top, to putting it in a brass box or in a glass bell or if you like something simpler, a crystal glass will do the trick. You can also use the book to fill it with flowers and create a very original floral centerpiece. But we can also find other objects in which to place the flowers. Such as an old silver coffee pot or a small decorative cage. All combined with candles. For example, can become the centerpiece for a charming meal. The cups can also be a great idea combined with flowers and books to create a spectacular centerpiece.

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Horseshoe Decor Just For Southwest Homes

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 24, 2019

Attention Horseshoe Decor

Luau parties can be very fun for a group of adults who want to join together for a live tropical island themed event. The Luau party makes a good theme for birthday parties. Here are some great luau party ideas, including suggestions for games, meals, invitations and decorations. Decide first if you want to buy an invitation made beforehand or if you want to make your own invitation. If you use a pre-made invitation, be sure to choose designs with bright colors, or large flowers. Some Hawaiian icons are known as hula dancers, leis, and palm trees. Customize envelopes with custom post stamps! If you want to be creative, try looking for some Hawaiian postcards and send your guests and write down all the party details on the empty side. You can also try to draw airplane tickets and write outside “You just won 2 free tickets!” and fill in information like this: destination: your HOUSE arrival time: START TIME START departure time.

Another creative idea is to write party details on a beach ball, shrink the ball, and send invitations to your guests to blow up the ball for more information. You can also attach an index card to the lei with party information written on it, and attach the lei to your guests with instructions to wear it to the party! Options for decorations on luau are unlimited. For outsiders, set a torch around the party area. It’s easy to get a torch that burns citronella oil to keep mosquitoes at bay. Buy original hibiscus or silk flowers or flowers and destroy them around the place. Create your own board from the Styrofoam board. Cut the table with a grass skirt and place the shell and coconut wax on it. Try looking for an old surfboard to use as a table. There must be enough money at the party for everyone. Find the original palm tree, cardboard or bloated. Blow up some beach balls and place them around the room or terrace. Regardless, think of bright colors and abundance!

One’s first game considers luau limbo. You can buy sets of inflatable stretches or real bamboo sets, but it’s easy enough to find a flat stick or long board and two people who are able to hold both ends. Beat Don Ho and see how low you can go! Another fun and funny game is who can be the longest “guess”. HOPE of course! Without legitimate hula dancers at parties, bring your guests to an uncertain match and see who still has it. Prizes for the longest and guests are predictable with the most loops. Pineapple bowling will be a favorite. Use coconut to knock on the “pin” pineapple. Traditional Hawaiian game similar to Horseshoes with two sticks as small poles and stones such as Horseshoes. See who can make it closer to the stick with stones. If there is space, prepare volleyball and play volleyball. Luau in Hawaii means “big party.” Prepare meals at parties in buffet style. You can ask your local seller for all pig butterflies, and just throw them at the barbecue. Serve pineapple ham. Fresh tropical fruit salad with pineapple, mango, papaya and watermelon in large melons with pleasure to the palate and eyes. Coconut pudding is a tantalizing sweet therapy. Serve tropical drinks from coconut. Try Mai Tai, or tropical punch with fresh pieces of fruit in it.

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Oversized or Big Wall Decor

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 23, 2019

Living Room Designs And Colors

Large wall space or high cathedral ceiling setting mode that is perfect for Oversized Wall Clocks. Big wall decor and an attractive design will definitely be the focal point of every room. If you want a beautiful and functional watch, the Large Wall Clock is a perfect choice. Many people begin to recognize the clock as the main part of the decoration. That really can highlight and accentuate certain decorative themes throughout your residence, or certain rooms at home. As soon as our culture will appreciate there are many advantages to decorating with Oversized Clock.

One can increase empty space and save accurate time, with artwork. Large Wall Clocks are very attractive and elegant, and for additional drama. You will feel the need to hang you where visitors can see and admire them. Practically because they are an element of decoration. Oversized wall clocks will make a statement, and enhance the decor in your home. Numbers on smaller wall clocks are often difficult to see, and this might prove to be a burden rather than being an asset. If someone has to stand unreasonably close to the clock to read the dial correctly then this can be annoying and unpleasant.

This might happen because hand placement proved difficult to see and counted from a considerable distance. Hands-on large wall clocks can always be seen from a considerable distance, and people like large wall clocks because of the overall attractive appearance. The Open Metal Dial clock makes attractive accents for your indoor or outdoor settings. One can clearly see the Oversized dial from across the terrace or yard. Even on the largest walls, Oversized Wall Clocks will definitely attract attention. When thinking about placing an Oversized Wall Clock in your home, you should always be careful to measure the area where the new clock will be placed. One can then be sure that the chosen room is large enough to accommodate your new wall clock.

When positioned correctly the Large Clock can definitely make a dramatic impact on the wall. Depending on the midst of good equipment, a large clock often brings a classic or antique impression to the room. This Large Wall Clock makes an impressive statement and adds to the decor of any room. Whatever you like as your favorite fashion, you can beautify your home, office or business lobby with a functional and beautiful part of the time. Oversized Wall Clocks also make valuable and enduring housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, or for special events for a good friend.


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Great Ideas for Basketball Room Decor

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 22, 2019

Best And Good Basketball Rooms Ideas

Basketball room decor – A basketball theme earns major points with fans of this sport. Both athletes and spectators will enjoy basketball elements incorporated into a bedroom, living room or game room. The views, sounds and colors of the game can serve as inspiration throughout a room. Modify the decorative elements to suit your space style and specific decoration. The orange of a basketball offers a natural color option for a basketball-themed room. Use the color on the walls or as accents throughout the room. The colors of a favorite basketball team offer an alternative option for painting and accents. A neutral wall color allows room decoration to be changed in the future without re-painting, while using a darker color on the wall presents a bold look.

Paint a basketball room decor wall to attract the look and add interest to the wall. A simple option is the image of a basketball along with the dotted lines of the farewell behind it. Other images that you can use for a wall mural would be a basketball hoop or a score board. If you do not want to paint a mural on the wall, use cling vinyl or wall stickers to bring the basketball theme to the walls. Use hardwood or laminate flooring in the room to recreate the feel of a basketball court. To emphasize the basketball court environment, lines of paint on the floor to replicate a small-scale basketball court in the room. Painting a hardwood or laminate floor can permanently leave marks. Use colored tape instead of paint if you want a removable alternative to make lines on the floor.

Any classic or modern style of furniture works with the theme of basketball. Wooden furniture painted in one of the colors of the selected rooms helps the pieces blend in with the decor. Colored plastic chairs that resemble seats used by basketball players during a game add an option to be themed of the room. puffs in the form of basketball-offer another option of seating, particularly for bedrooms or family rooms. Make the accents in the room emphasize the basketball theme. A small basketball hoop, either mounted on the wall or hung on a door, provides a decorative and entertaining element. Posters with a general theme or basketball a specific basketball team add wall decorations. Banners of basketball teams offer another wall option. Basketball balls and basketball shirts also work well for decorations.

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Decorate Bathroom Counter Decor

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 21, 2019

What To Put On Bathroom Counter

One of the easiest ways to change your bathroom is by bathroom counter decor. The most important feature when choosing a bathroom vanity is designed; they really make the room more pleasant. New vanity under your bathroom sink will not only give you a place to store things but can also add more space to put all your toiletries. Often when people plan to remodel the bathroom, they ignore storage. With some people sharing one house, though, having the pride to keep all the items they need in the bathroom is a nice feature. Reducing clutter also adds to the beauty and design of your bathroom space.

When shopping for new vanities, you must first measure the amount of space you can pour into a new dressing table. Most vanity has a width of 18 inches to 48 inches, with multiples of 6 inches. There are many different designs to consider, too. Your pride must be in accordance with the equipment and other design features in your bathroom. There are modern, classic, deco, antique, and many other styles to choose from. They not only enter the wood, too; there are many different ingredients to choose from.

Usually, there are several categories of bathroom storage units that will fall below. There are people with cabinets, which can be vanity cabinets, wall cabinets, hidden cabinets, and medicine cabinets. Some vanities or storage areas also have open shelves. Then it’s above the toilet closet and linen closet. As far as design goes, cabinet vanity is often the most aesthetic. There are face-frame dressers, which are more traditional and formal. Then there are European-style, more modern, frameless dressing and vanity cabinets.

This is a good design choice to match each period-style cupboard with stylish and attractive buttons in your bathroom. As far as cabinet vanity tables go, you have several choices. There are laminates, ceramic tiles, wood, composite materials or solid surface materials including stone, stainless steel, and concrete. Laminates, composites, solid surface materials, and stainless steels are more easily scratched, but composites or solid surface materials are very easy to repair or replace. Wood is beautiful, but it must be maintained. Stone countertops are the most durable and aesthetic, but they are more expensive.

Ceramic tile is probably the most common bathroom vanity surface material. It’s durable and doesn’t stain easily. You can also find a lot of choices because they’re so common. Whatever material and style you choose, making the effort to find a bathroom vanity that suits your storage and design needs will pay off. New bathroom vanities add more storage and a pleasant look to your bathroom.


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Fresh Beach Themed Bathroom Decor

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 21, 2019

Beach Bathroom Accessories

Beach themed bathroom decor – If you want to decorate your bathroom thematically and get a simple decoration with simple changes, this post is what you were looking for. Today I will show you how you can change your bathroom and that once decorated. Every time you enter you feel transport to an oasis of relaxation. A recurring decorative theme for the bathroom is the beach. So it is necessary to think creatively if you want to implement this theme in your home. First of all, avoid the well-worn beach decoration kits, instead try to include a bit of your own personality. In case you can not do this, it is best to buy a unique design for the whole scheme of the bathroom and avoid falling into the cliché of the shower curtains with palm trees.

A good strategy is to start with a piece of personal inspiration. Maybe a photo of the last vacation on the beach, a collection of marine rocks or what you like the most. These subject in question is the one that will put the imagination to work to develop the whole theme of the decoration. Whether it is Polynesia, nautical motifs or the sea itself. Forget the white, there is nothing more boring than this. To create a beach themed bathroom decor effect. Use the same colors that are natural on the coast as a hot sand color or a cooler shade. Such as blue, green or even a grayish-purple color. In case you do not want to paint, add a touch of color. In these cases all you need is to change the accessories to redecorate.

The stripes are sophisticated and classic summer. Also look much better than the typical patterns of Hawaiian prints. Full of nature the bathroom by adding some plants, whether natural (only if the room receives natural light) or artificial. Bamboo is a good option if you want to include it in frames and vases. Be creative and place a crystal chandelier or a transparent vase with natural elements such as sea shells, sand or whatever you have collected on a trip to the beach themed bathroom decor. You can also paste these items in the frame of a mirror or in a painting creating a unique focal point. A nice detail that makes the bathroom luxurious is to change the shower head with a wraparound rain shower. It can make you feel under a waterfall of tropical rain every time you shower.

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Barn Decor Popular Choice Home Country Ideas

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 20, 2019

Restoration Barn Interior Living Space

Converted barn decor is a popular choice in home country life. These well-built houses feature sturdy wooden beams and rustic charm. Your carefree you and your guests invite you to relax once you enter the door. The decoration of these spaces is a simple matter. To decorate a barn house successfully, you just have to look at your house for inspiration. It is likely that you decide that the best decorative elements for the home, such as this complement the building materials of the barn and the comfortable personality. Place a decorative sofa-bed in the living room. Decorate it with handmade quilts. Add an abundance of cushions inspired by the countryside. These can be characterized by calico patterns, small image rag doll or cheap cotton. Use mats that accentuate the barn life lightness. Choose woven rag rugs or Native American mats.

Because the living barn house is an extension of life in the country, choose colorful rugs that reflect the environment of countries, such as wheat, forest green or soft yellows. Place these rugs in front of the sofa and fireplace, as well as in front of the front door. Add the furniture that suits the country’s rustic barn decor style. Select leather sofas with wooden legs or denim upholstered chairs. Pick matching accent pieces such as ottomans in the same fabrics as well. Start your sofa with accessories such as throwing blankets or bedspreads. These invite people to curl up and add touches of color to your sofa without being unbearable. Accent the blankets or quilts with cushions similar to those you already have on the couch. Put dried flowers in floral arrangements that respond to the color scheme in the room.

Place a group of three disposition in the corner with the highest disposition of the back and the smallest in the front. Add a decorative element to a large dining table. Add a couple of small arrangements to your fireplace mantle. Hang country with themes about the fireplace. Choose from landscape or still life paintings about urban scenes. Accentuate these with appliques of candles or dried flowers. Family photos of frame frames made of twigs or other unfinished woods. Place them in the mantle of the fireplace and the shelves. Decorate the mantle more with items such as pumpkins or mini-pumpkins and silk leaves. Place the candle arrangements in the mix as well. Choose a wooden coffee table with horseshoe inlays or one that has been “marked” with interesting patterns with a dial iron to match your coffee table to your converted barn decor ideas home.

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Find Out About Bathroom Shelf Decor

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 19, 2019

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Shelf

Bathroom shelf decor – How do you optimize your bathroom? The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the home. So it can be a challenge to take full advantage of all the bathroom’s features such as bath, toilet and sink. Fortunately, today, it has become easier than ever to find both shower cabinets, sinks and wc. As they are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For many companies are now selling products that fit almost any housing. On the other hand, it may be a bit of a jungle to find out about the many products available on the market today. The bathroom has evolved over the past couple of years. And where it used to be a room designed for basic functions. It has now become popular to stay for a long time in the bathroom. And to decorate the room for a feeling of relaxation and wellness.

Today, most people prefer a bathroom that feels decidedly nice and comfortable to stay in. It is also possible to make minor changes. For example, by utilizing the space under the sink to the basin or storage compartment. If there is enough space, you can make built-in niches for bathroom shelf decor and cabinets in the wall. In a small bathroom it can be a challenge to have room for all the bathroom’s features. And you can quickly end up with a bathroom that feels cramped and difficult to move in. To avoid it, you can adjust the bathroom in zones. That way, you can be more people who use the bathroom at the same time without interfering with each other. Once you have decorated the bathroom, it is a major project to remodel.

Therefore, you should go for a timeless interior design solution. And avoid everything for fashionable colors and shapes. That does not mean that the partout bathroom must be boring and neutral. On the contrary, you can quickly give the bathroom a new look by simply replacing smaller accessories and ornaments. Tiles or tiles can give the bathroom a nice and personal expression. Here you have plenty of possibilities to combine colors, structures, sizes, shapes and patterns. Tiles and tiles can also be use to create contrasts or to emphasize edges and shapes. The small details in the bathroom have a big impact on the overall impression, so choose tiles carefully. You can also give the room color and put bathroom shelf decor by painting the walls in the bathroom.

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Airplane Decor Ideas

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 19, 2019

Airplane Decor For Office

Airplane décor – The son grows up, leaves his parents’ room, and here’s the question: how do you decorate a child’s bedroom, or a kid? In this article was having collected the fundamental elements for you. What the room? Is the theme of the bedroom? Which must be timeless, otherwise you risk that you do not like it after a few months. Up to the colors, the bed, and the desk. Without forgetting an area dedicated to games, but in an educational way, and decorations. If the child is big enough, have fun choosing with him at least some complement. So that the room reflects his tastes. Because even decorating a room can become a beautiful game.

However, the children’s rooms must be very special. Especially for the children of the house and although there are many people who choose to decorate them in the most classical way. The number of people looking for a different decoration is increasing, wallpaper; vinyl stickers and fun furniture are some of the options. But … What about the themed rooms? Aviation decor ideas can be an easy and affordable theme for a child’s room. A child’s room can be transformed into a world of aviation with the creative use of model aircraft and other aircraft layouts.

Decorative items

We can repeat an airplane theme in a kid’s room with a table lamp, an airplane theme carpet or nightlight. As well as bedding sets or airplane sheets. Replace standard overhead lighting with a light / fan within which fan wings resemble an airplane propeller. Attach an authentic airplane propeller to a wall for decor. Show a child’s bomber jacket or fighter pilot costume on hooks attached to the wall for decoration.

Model Fly

Collect model flags, or use lightweight, ready-made airplanes, and hang them from the ceiling with fishing nets, according to the Decor Kids Room. Model fly can also be displayed on an airplane shelf or shelf. Attach toy airplanes, like a painted wooden cornice table and used as a window covering.


By painting walls and ceiling a light blue and with white paint and creating clouds. So, the empty walls of a child’s room can be transformed into a suitable background for an airplane themed room. Airplane theme wallpaper, detachable airplane wall applications or a limit are also alternative options. Frame photos of planes and hang them all of a child’s room. Or paint airplane stencils on the walls.

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Tips to Change Room to Asian Decor

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 18, 2019

Unusual Asian Home Decor

Asian decor leaves you feel uninspired, consider changing the room. With some editing of personal belongings and some additions of signature palettes and pieces. Your room may have the taste of a Balinese jungle residence. The best aspect of changing a room to Asian decor is that the themes integrate well with other design trends such as rustic, bohemian modern.


Clean your current room from junk and accessories. Most Asian decor trends have Spartan surfaces or well-designed taboos, so you have to find a home for piles of paper and shreds. It can help to create a landing lane in your pavement with a low shelf, some hooks and a few baskets or drawers with stools for stewing mail, outerwear, bags, magazines, homework and shoes. Set up storage systems to keep the running pipe in check. Once you have cleaned your room, you need to keep it clear using functional pieces that wake up Asian style.

Try a low, modular wood cabinet in black lacquer for a cool Chinese look, or in a softer poppy black for a Japanese minimalist look. Medium and dark colored wood has Balinese exoticism, while lighter wood produces rattan and bamboo fixtures of Japanese pavilions. Woven baskets or pottery pots can hide smaller items while looking nice fodder a wall or a floating shelf. Invest in a focal piece of furniture that sets the tone for an Asian design system. In the kitchen, a long wooden table with a worried surface reminds of Chinese farmhouses.

In the living room, an antique Chinese chest, shelf or armoire can have elements of oriental furniture outlet such as hand painted landscapes on the doors, wood carpentry, niches for multiple sizes or engraved borders. Accessorize with pieces inspired by Asian crafts and art. A Tibetan Tanka painting of gods amid heavenly wonders or a Japanese wood cloth adds an authentic touch to an Asian room. But you can also hang Asian travel photos, light Indian posters or Japanese cartoon art for a more affordable and whimsical touch. Try a line of tea light in a window or a wooden bowl filled with persimmons for a peeled look. The bright side and the paper lights add pops of color to such Asian rooms.

Tips and warnings

Finish the look using rustic wooden frames or shiny lacquer frames around your family photos and favorite artwork. Keep accessories to a minimum. In many Asian interiors, empty and negative spaces play an equally important role in decorated and filled spaces.

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