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Big Whale Decor in the Bathroom

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 27, 2019

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Whale decor for the bathroom is an important place in your home. Even though the room serves a purpose necessarily, it does not have to be boring. Large as small, each bathroom can be decorated to match your personal style. Choosing an aquatic theme for your bathroom provides endless possibilities to add personal flare and design hand that may not be suitable for other rooms in your home.


Adhesive stickers give dramatic effect, while for easy removal. Large whale decals are available for decorative purposes. Whether you are looking for tropical fish, such as a clown fish or angel fish, or lake varieties, such as bass or bluegill, decals are an appropriate budget-friendly choice. Typically, wall decals stick to the wall by simply removing backing and placing it directly on the surface. Decals are usually easy to remove for quick repositioning or redecorating, making them perfect for rental homes.


Sometimes you have an idea that you cannot complete using prefabricated items such as stickers. Consider drawing or sketching the fish directly on the wall and painting it. Decorators not sure of their drawing skills can choose a picture of a fish and use a projector to display the image on the wall. Pictures from paintings, sources online, and reference books on fish work well. Draw the lines with a pen and then paint the fish with your own selection of colors. Using a projector allows you complete control of the size, location, types and number of fishes on your bathroom wall. See it as a huge book of paint for adults.


If painting directly on the wall is hot, consider creating wooden whale decor to hang up instead. Buy a wooden cutout fish from a hobby or craft store and paint it according to the color scheme of your bathroom. Many shops sell scrap fish for craft projects such as this, but if you do not want, do your own. Use the projector to put the image on wood, cut and paint as desired. This option eliminates permanently by painting directly on the wall while providing a three-dimensional effect. The bathroom is one of the most humid areas in the home. Running water for showers, baths and even in the sink creates additional moisture in the air. When painting in a bathroom, choose colors that are moisture resistant for best results. Allow plenty of time for the paint to dry between rocks and increase circulation in the bathroom using exhaust fan and floor fans to help dry.

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