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Ideas for Glam Decor Furniture

Elayne T. Dunlap | October 22, 2019

Vintage Glam Decor

Glam decor are not just old furniture and accessories, they are an invitation to the past. A room is significantly improved when antique artifacts are included to dispel the unparalleled uniformity and a dull interior system. Dress up your next room by decorating it with antiques that have history, purpose and aesthetic value. Arrange your room to create contact points on antiques that you love to make it easy for viewers to identify with them.

Ridden Furniture

To give a room or home a bottom feeling, choose antiques that have a ridden look. Worn wood, rubbed or split-off paint or rusty metal gives a relaxing feel to the decor. Use stained furniture to introduce a comfortable feel to a traditional style home. If your glam decor style looks good structurally, but needs a little touch up before using it as a decorative beech, consider grinding and repainting or dyeing it to give it a new look. Crushed paint techniques or a rubbed excision can make an antique play look worn while having a nice look.

Historical Period

If you love the Victorian era or get a kick of 70s flower power decor, make a theme out of a certain period of time. Find pieces that fall within this time frame to create a balanced and harmonized look. For example, Victorian style furniture with elaborate roasts pair well with an antique teasers or a set of old velvet curtains. Garnish your carved furniture with antique doilies for a delicate, feminine touch. Use furniture and accessories for the period of time you have in mind to make the theme look natural in a room.

Modern and Antique Mix-up

Revive the appearance of a boring room by blending antiques with modern glam decor. Combine some items such as an extravagant chair or rich chandelier with a molded contemporary sofa or a modern geometric mat making a room look fresh and engaging. Pair the new with the old for an inspired space; place each piece in an area where it can distribute its visual weight evenly. When using sturdy texture pieces, go with a neutral color scale to avoid a cacophony of several patterns, textures and colors.

Make old items an attractive decor

Do not discard the old toolbox or match the assembly of glassware; give it a new life as an accent for your home. Consider making the toolbox a home for potpourri or turning glass to fluorescent light. Some antique “junk” can be transformed into tax by incorporating it with furniture. A piece of iron when topped with glass can make an attractive coffee table; a section of antique cloth can work to cover an empty wall. Look at your old items and think about ways to give them another purpose.

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