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Ideas Antique Decor with High Ceiling

Elayne T. Dunlap | December 28, 2019

Antique Ceiling Decor

An antique decor with high ceilings provides a double challenge in terms of decoration. Because it is old, it is most likely that you have some interesting architectural details to give the character of a house. They are those high ceilings, however, that add an air of grandeur to a home. If you are lucky enough to have an old house with high ceilings, play both elements, taking advantage of the options you have for creating a unique space of its kind.

Add the best antique decor color. Impacts nothing the feeling of a house more color. Repainting the walls is a quick and relatively cheap home improvement project. Decide on the environment that we are going to give. If you want a feeling of open airy space, opt for light colored wall paint. Light painting reflects light, making rooms feel bigger. If you want to warm up a bit, to create the optical illusion that the walls are closer than they really are, go with a dark colored paint. Dark tones absorb light and help give it a cozy atmosphere. One of the advantages of having high ceilings is that they automatically make rooms feel wider, which gives you more options in what you do with the wall space.

Make the antique decor roofs of a decorative element. Another advantage of high ceilings in terms of decoration is that you have the option of playing at your height or visually pulling them down. To paint in a clear tone if you want them to move away and feel even higher, or with a dark shadow if you want them to feel closer than they really are. The fact that you are decorating an old house gives you license to add a historic finish to your roofs. Consider the possibility of papering them, the application of tiles or tin panels. Not only do these finishes pull the ceiling down visually, but they add a dramatic element to the room. You turn on. A large chandelier has no better house than suspended from a high ceiling.

Introduce large furniture. Your brain makes note of balance in a room. A large room with high ceilings can look out of balance when filled with small furniture and small ornaments. To give each room a well-designed, finished feel, introduce large pieces of furniture that are in keeping with the high ceiling height. Large sofas, armchairs, cupboards, cabinets and beds, cabinets and dining tables all give your rooms a sense of balance that is easy on the eyes. Large anchor spaces with blankets from the area that can be heard pay tribute to the ceiling reach and curtains hang at least 1 foot above the windows to help make the rooms feel better proportioned.

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