Welcome to Vanilla Craft Blog where I post crafts, my inspirations and lots of pretty little things. I do hope you will stop by and enjoy!

I’m Harri. I’m 14 years young living in Auckland, New Zealand below Australia for those who don’t know where my little place is) with my Mum, Dad, little sister and my gorgeous burmese cat, Gemma (

Here is a few facts about me that definitely relate to the blog and it’s style

Hobbies // crafting, planning blog posts, sailing, photography, designing stuff
Style // Swedish Design. Ahh I love Kikki-k so much
Animals // cats, owls and dogs
Food // pasta, avocado, raw salmon – sushi or without rice, watermelon
Sweets // M’n’M’s
Magazines // Frankie, Yen + Fête Press
Role Model // Jessica Watson – Youngest person to sail around the world non-stop and unassisted
Love // polaroids, ocean + beach and cats
Colour // yellow, pastel colours, melon (orangery red)
Music // Taylor Swift
Sport // Sailing
About the Blog

I started ‘Vanilla Craft Blog’ in March 2013 with the name ‘Cupcake Crafty’. I out grew the cupcake phase and wanted my blog to be more independent in the design and name. I chose Vanilla Craft because Vanilla is my absolute favourite cupcake flavour if it’s rich in flavour with chocolate icing!

I started blogging when I discovered that girls my age (and older) were blogging and were all such good friends. I really wanted to join in the fun and start my own. Vanilla Craft Blog has really grown since I first shared pinterest finds and daily photos. I’ve always been crafty sine I was little so having this blog allows me to do all the things I love. I really hope that Vanilla Craft Blog grows even more into the future.

So here on Vanilla Craft Blog I share crafts, inspirations and room decor ideas that I love and hope you will too.