Drip coffee makers came into being after electric percolators. The convenience of the quick brew, the small counter space and easy cleanup seems to have taken precedence over the quality of the coffee. At least that is what you can ascertain after reading the many reviews on these drip pots. One of the main differences is price. The best drip coffee maker makes the better the coffee.

Mr. Coffee drip makers were right up there at the forefront of the drip revolution. Prices vary from very low to modest. The coffee from the higher end models appear to get the best reviews from people to just like coffee. The complaints range from short cords, low temperature of the finished product and general messy counters. The most frequent issue with Mr. Coffee is the carafe. Apparently these carafes’ have a mind of their own and will pour in your cup and cover the surrounding areas as well. If it is just an average cup of coffee you are looking for, this may be the best drip coffee maker.

Going up the price ladder to Black and Decker we find some of the same issues. The drip coffee makers that carry the Black and Decker name are no longer made by Black and Decker. The major issue with these moderately priced pots is cold coffee. Increased dissatisfaction if you don’t brew a full pot but a lesser amount. The best drip coffee maker they make has less complaints. This seems to prevent the water from getting as hot as it needs to in order to bring out the full flavor of the coffee bean.

The Braun drip coffee maker starts in the $60 range. This has the issue of short life, one year or less and cold coffee. If you are very particular about the quality of the cup of brew and want to use great coffee beans that are ground before you brew, you may consider moving on to other brands. Those who like the pots appreciate the speed and convenience. This may be the best drip coffee maker for your dollar spent.

Krups comes out pretty close to the top as far as temperature and taste are concerned. The quality of the product appears to be very good. The prices vary and there were few complaints about the taste of the coffee. The carafe was an issue, in that it does not pour directly into the cup and may require a little practice on your aim to prevent spills on your counter top.

Features on drip coffee makers vary from the very basic to the elaborately programmable variety. There are pots that can have your coffee ready for you when you wake up in the morning and keep it hot in a thermal carafe for several hours. Some are designed to brew one cup at a time, if you aren’t a whole pot drinker.

The needs you have should be considered before making your purchase. Coffee connoisseurs who grind their exotic beans immediately before brewing will probably choose the best drip coffee maker and also prefer different filters. For the consumer that buys whichever coffee is on sale this week at the grocery store, the selection is endless.