Black and Decker has been a recognizable trademark for many years. It has appeared on tools and household small appliances forever. Black and Decker coffee maker is prominent on many shelves in home stores, discount department stores and regular department stores as well.

The reviews of the Black and Decker coffee maker have not been varied. For the price, it is good for an average coffee drinker. Not to downplay personal taste, that will vary as much as the coffee you may use to make your first cup of Joe in the morning.

The Black and Decker coffee maker does not seem to produce hot enough water to bring out the full flavor of the coffee. It is especially noticeable if you take a cup before the pot is fully brewed. This appears to be the primary consumer complaint with this coffee maker.

The convenience of the drip coffee maker makes it the most popular coffee maker sold. The person drinking the coffee may have to explore the different makers to find the one that suits their taste. It is safe to say that the average coffee drinker who is not in a hurry, will be satisfied with the coffee produced by the Black and Decker coffee maker. For someone who insists on a Melitta type filter or who may be changing from a French Press coffee maker, this may not be the one for you. As always, it is a matter of taste.

Although these products carry the Black and Decker name, they are no longer made by Black and Decker. This can increase the issues of warranties and other issues that you may want to call the company about and address. Paperwork that comes with the coffee makers need to be carefully read in order for you to address any of these issues. Calling Black and Decker will lead to more phone calls and other potential issues.

Short cords were another issue stated in some reviews. This is actually a safety feature for coffee makers. The hazard of pulling the cord and spilling hot coffee is reduced if the coffee maker is closer to the outlet. This should not be considered a drawback, but a plus. This is especially true if you have curious children around who like to watch things work.

If you desire a piping hot cup of coffee within two minutes of the start, you may need to look a little farther up the coffee maker chain. Prices vary for the brand, but the issues appear to remain regardless of the price paid.

As with any important purchase, purchase should be from a store you respect as far as return policies. Sometimes the store is easier to deal with than the manufacturer. Again the paperwork that comes with the Black and Decker coffee maker you choose may inform you that you should contact the manufacturer rather than the store. As with most things, read the paperwork, send in your warranty and follow directions to obtain the coffee you enjoy drinking. Choose carefully and pour carefully.